Who is this guy ??

Short answer:
a guy who got bit by the pottery bug years ago and just can’t stop being fascinated by the endless techniques, textures, forms and colors that are possible in clay.

Longer answer:
As long as I can remember, I’ve been attracted to clay. From the soft, slick blue-grey clay on the shoreline of a Michigan lake, to running straight into a bright red Georgia ‘mud puddle’ (I was probably about 4) and getting stuck! My dad had to pull me right out of my shoes to get me out of that one. (thanks, Dad!)

And the fires…. cook-out fires, charcoal grills, brush piles… I just loved watching (and playing with) the flames.

Now that I’ve ‘grown up’, my expression of choice is wheel-thrown vessels. I’ve tried hand-building on several occasions, but it never seemed to click for me. Most of the hand-builders I know say the opposite, so to each his own!
I work in stoneware, mainly because that’s what the pottery center has available, but I also like it for it’s versatility. I like being able to low fire it, or do a more traditional glaze firing.

I’m experimenting with different low-fire processes, raku, saggar, horsehair, and naked raku. (no, it’s NOT what you’re thinking…. the -clay- is naked, the CLAY…) Don’t worry, I’ll have more stuff up here soon to show what these all look like. But mainly, I’m having fun exploring the texture of the unglazed clay surface.

For more on how I got started, look here.

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