So I was tagged last weekend by Judy Shreve.

My dilemma being, every other blogger I know has already been tagged at this point. Whoever started this thing should have more carefully examined the mathematical consequences of each tagger tagging 6 more taggees…. I’m just not comfortable guerrilla tagging bloggers I don’t really know.

In the spirit of playing along, here are my 6 random things:

1) I studied classical piano from age 4 – 18. I also played flute and trombone in school band.

2) I was briefly trilingual, after studying French 3 years in high school and German 2 years in college.

3) I am Reiki master, finishing my teacher certification.

4) My other love is landscape/nature photography, growing up the son of a wedding photographer.

5) I took my first, last and only roller coaster ride last year. It was not my idea of fun. Maybe if I had started as a kid…

6) I can hold my own in the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Tagged…

  1. Judy Shreve

    Brian — interesting random comments. I too have studied Reiki. My son has 9 years of classical piano but is now into percussion. I love to cook almost as much as I love pottery.
    What coaster did you ride? My husband designs & builds theme park attractions for his living. (I don't like to ride them either).

  2. Brian

    I’ll only go so far as to say it was considered a ‘kiddie coaster’

    My wife then went on one of her favorites from childhood. Her comment was, ‘Wow, that’s a lot worse than I remember… I’m glad you didn’t try that one first.’


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