Clay Review -Standard #112

Today’s clay review is Standard Clay Co. #112

It’s a buff cone 6 stoneware with dark specks of manganese. The same clay is available without specks as #225.

Lots of people like this clay. It’s generally the recommended clay for all the beginning wheel classes here at Pullen. I used it myself exclusively for several years, before branching out and experimenting with other clays.

I’m still struggling to re-adjust to it after using the smooth white stoneware for my saggar work. I’m better able to control it when throwing small work, 1, 1.5 pounds, but run into serious issues over 2-3 pounds. At this point I think I’m going to take the advise of Deborah and Gary and age the rest. Just divide it, wedge it a bit, and take it home for a while.

The iron and manganese react well with glazes giving nice results. As usual, the grog, grit and manganese make for a poor surface for burnishing. As the clay shrinks in firing, it all pushes through the surface. It’s still an interesting surface though, just not completely smooth.

4 thoughts on “Clay Review -Standard #112

  1. Judy Shreve

    I used #112 for a long time. I really liked the clay body & the glaze effects of the manganese. I was given this clay at a community clay center where I was taking classes.
    Then I started learning about the dangers of manganese dust & fumes. Since my home studio is in my garage – underneath my kitchen – I try not to use the worst of the bad chemicals. My kiln although vented is in my garage as well.
    I think if my home studio were in a separate building I wouldn't worry as much. But two chemicals I won't use right now are manganese & barium.
    I'm enjoying your review of claybodies.

  2. Brian

    Yeah, interesting you should mention that… the art center stopped using glazes etc. w/Mn in them, but still uses the 112.
    It’s more granulated than powdered, but I understand not wanting to use it at home. You’d probably like the 225 then.

  3. Judy Shreve

    Brian – I use Standards – #211 (think that's the right number). It's Hazelnut & relatively new. I love the feel of the clay – I can throw big & it's pretty forgiving if I change my mind in the middle of making something.
    I also like a darker clay body. The darker clay just seems to give glaze a richer deeper look in oxidation. I know you saggar & need the light clays.
    I messed around changing clay bodies for about a year & now use the #211 exclusively. I think committing to one clay body – lets me commit to glaze making. If that makes sense. It took me a while to decide which one though.

  4. Brian

    I’ve seen that Hazelnut on Standard’s page. It looks close to #266, which is on my list to try, but I think I’m done experimenting for a little bit.
    That 112 had me so frustrated I broke down and got some 563 last night.


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