Notes on terra sig – part 3

So where am I headed from here?
Being on injured reserve these days, I have plenty of time to think.

What my experiments have shown me is that I definitely want to explore this direction further, maybe take it somewhere no one else has. I’ve already had some happy accidents with streaking, I’m wondering what else is waiting out there.

For starters, I want to go ahead now and get some proper equipment and materials and see if I can make an even better terra sig using Vince Pitelka’s instructions.

I’ve been using sig on my saggar pieces, and I really like them that way. I’d also like to try it on raked raku, although I’ve heard mixed results of getting the resist slip to adhere properly to a smoothly burnished pot.

The high shine of low-fired sig is lost when the pot is fired up to stoneware temps, but I want to experiment with that anyway. The more satin finish might be just what I’m looking for.

3 thoughts on “Notes on terra sig – part 3

  1. cynthia

    Sounds interesting… At first I thought – “raked raku” another technique I know nothing about. 😉

    Love the look of raku…wish I loved the process more.


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