Back to work!

It’s been a while.

It was 7 weeks last Friday since the accident put me out of the studio. Countless doctor visits, pills, hot soaks, and ice packs later I’m slowly approaching functional.
I finally made it back to the studio yesterday to see what I could do. I’d signed up for a class that starts this week, and wanted to find out if I could do it, or have to cancel. I’m happy to report that I was able to handle the 25# block of clay, wedge, center and throw a couple 2# ‘test pots’, a bottle and a vase form. Today I’m a bit sore, but no worse than general pottery soreness from not throwing for two months on top of the lingering soreness, if that makes any sense.  I’m hoping the extra activity at this point helps work the knots and cramps out.
It’s also been 3 months for the Brian Fields Pottery blog.
I’ve had nearly 400 unique visitors from 20 countries and 42 states. I have to say, I’m happliy surprized. 

4 thoughts on “Back to work!

  1. Judy Shreve

    Welcome back Brian! I’m sure you’ll get your throwing ‘chops’ back quickly. You must be so happy to be in the studio again.

  2. Brian

    It’s great to be back.

    One of the biggest things that drove me nuts is that I do pottery to relax and unwind, and I couldn’t do either.

  3. Meagan Chaney

    So glad to hear you’ve recoperated from your wreck and made it back into the studio!Hope you enjoy your class and Welcome Back!


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