Thinking Creatively

Yesterday I read an interesting article on how to think like Leonardo da Vinci. It really resonated with me and got me thinking about how I could apply it to my pottery.

(I wonder if da Vinci was a potter…. he certainly tried about everything else….. )
I especially liked the points about choosing a theme and observing things in terms of that theme for a day. Also examining your beliefs, seeing if there are any that you haven’t actually verified through experience. Then looking for two or three other possible points of view. 
I’ve found in pottery that what works for one person often doesn’t for another, so taking someone’s word for it on what is possible or not isn’t always accurate. I know a lot of people who throw without a sponge. This just doesn’t work for me for whatever reason. Some people throw wet, some throw dry, I kinda fall in between, tending toward dry.
So just don’t forget to keep experimenting!  That’s what makes it fun anyways, and that’s why we do this, right?
The full article is here:

2 thoughts on “Thinking Creatively

  1. cynthia

    What a great link, Brian! I also bookmarked it for later reading.

    Leonardo was a genius and so far ahead of his time – it’s mind blowing. While I think he’s a great painter, he was never my favorite Renaissance artist – but I love his sketchbooks and ideas.


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