Pottery section now on Alltop

For those of you that don’t know about it, Alltop.com is a nifty blog aggregator that groups blogs by topic or area of interest. They generally strive to have the most popular blogs as determined by their own ranking criteria.

Within each topic, they list their top blogs, along with the last five post titles in an easy to scan ‘magazine’ format.  Very easy to lose several hours exploring….
The Great news is  — They now have a Pottery Topic.
Congrats to Jen Mecca, Emily Murphy, and Bulldog Pottery for making the first cut! You need to go and get yourselves a badge for your blogs here: http://badges.alltop.com/
Go check them out…  the more traffic they get from all us potters the better. It might get them to expand the number of pottery feeds in our section!

2 thoughts on “Pottery section now on Alltop

  1. Brian

    From their [About] page —

    We rely on several sources: results of Google searches, review of the sites’ and blogs’ content, researchers, and our “gut” plus the recommendations of the Twitter community, owners of the sites and blogs, and people who care enough to write to us.


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