Starting again

The blog posts have been few and far between for quite a while now. It’s been everywhere from physically impossible to just painful or inconvenient to do much pottery at all since the accident last fall. While I have been able to keep up with the day job, it just doesn’t leave much time or energy to do the fun part, POTTERY. I really find it hard to blog about it if I’m not doing it.

Since I can’t do much myself, I have been trying to keep up with all the other pottery blogs and see what everyone else is up to. I’ve also spent a lot of time incubating ideas for forms and techniques I want to explore when I get back to it.

And so I began.

First, I had to renew my studio card, which I’d barely used in the past year. Then reacquaint myself with the studio. They’ve changed white stoneware clay bodies 3 or 4 times since last year I think. I still had a nearly full bag of one of the old ones hardening in my locker…. I wasn’t wild about it to begin with, so I got a fresh bag of Loafers Glory, and started over. Little Loafers had been a favorite of mine, so I was happy to see it’s big brother. LG is apparently cone 6-10, where LL is strictly 6, so they went with LG to simplify what they had to stock. I’m actually pretty excited to see what it does in a saggar firing.

I threw a couple 2 lb. ‘vase-like objects’, just to see if I remembered how, and get a feel for the clay again. The first one was hard, nothing seemed to flow. But the second one went a lot easier. This all took about 90 minutes – pretty much the limit of my endurance at this point. I never was the fastest thrower in the world, I like to take my time, but this was slow!

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  1. cynthia

    Wow – that was some accident! Glad to hear that you are slowly getting back into clay and totally understand not being able to blog about something you weren't doing while recovering physically. Hopefully, you're feeling better nowadays.


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