Goodbye 2009!

In the spirit of New Years, new beginnings and all that, I’ll be making a fresh start here on the blog and in the studio.
After a particularly frustrating 2009, not being able to do what I WANTED to do, or felt I SHOULD be doing or COULD do, I’ll be focusing on what I CAN do. Until my recovery and PT and various other procedures are done with, I can still make work. I may not be as fast as I was, or be able to throw for hours and hours, but I can make work. Pain or not, working with clay helps me stay sane through it all.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2009!

  1. Alex Solla

    This year is DEFINITELY going to be better than 2009. You've got the right attitude, PT and clay. Great combination! As for throwing for hours on end… it is highly overrated. Better to raise your prices, make fewer BETTER pots and spend more time with family and friends.

    Here's to the new year!

  2. Brian

    I like the way you think Alex – make less, raise prices!
    I wonder if they'd go for installing a wedging table in the PT room….


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