Put a lid on it!

I got back to the studio this week and started some lidded pots. I haven’t made a whole lot of lidded pieces before. I’ve never been good at throwing the lids, but I also know I won’t get better until I start throwing more lids!
So I watched a few youtube vids to get some ideas and different techniques and styles and dove in. And what do you know, I did actually start getting better at it! Why do we avoid doing things like lids and pulling handles anyway?  Practice makes perfect and all…
And, it gave me a chance to try out my new lid caliper — It’s a California Pottery Tools caliper. I like that it locks, and has a measurement ruler right on the tool so it doubles as a regular ruler too.  I remember reading someone else liked this particular tool but couldn’t find one. I tried to find the blog post but struck out. If you’re out there – Bailey Pottery Supply sells them here : http://www.baileypottery.com/potterytools/newtools.htm#California

I still may end up getting a LidMaster (I’ve used the community one at the studio), but I really like the CPT tool.

I’ll be back today, to hopefully trim and fit my lids and see which one fits best.

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  1. Emma

    thank you for commenting on my blog! cinnamon, huh? i know it's an anti-inflammatory, but, not much else.

    i also love your blog tagline. vunderbar.



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