After yet another lapse, I’m giving it another try. The schedule never came together in April, and completely fell apart when the whole house came down with the flu, out of town guests, and a couple medical procedures thrown in for good measure.

So here I am, 2 months later. In summary:
 – I need a lot more practice making lids, and using my new calipers. Even with them, I managed to make lids that were a bit too small. They fit, but are sloppy/loose in the gallery. At least they don’t fall through!
 – I’ve somehow made it on to a list of ’50 Inspiring Pottery Blogs’ — I haven’t been feeling very inspiring or inspired lately, but it’s a great goal to shoot for!
 – I have about a million ideas that I’ve collected in my brain in my off-time, and I need to organize, edit, reduce, and make a plan for trying them out.


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