End of year reflections

There are a lot of these posts out there right now, so bear with me as I add my year-end thoughts to the pile –

This summer, I got my butt in the studio (BISHOC!) and proved to myself that I still had the touch after mostly 2 years of recovery.
I was able to do a few experiments with terra sig, and also worked on improving my lidded pieces. I still find making a well seated lid a challenge, but I’m getting better.
I’ve made progress on improving the photo setup, and just have some details to work out. I love my new graduated background. Check out my first test shots in the slideshow on the right, or on the Gallery page.
I made my goal of getting this blog/website moved to it’s own domian and migrated to WordPress (just under the wire!)

In the coming year, I’ve so far targeted a couple of workshops to take, and possibly a clay conference.

I’ve been researching/designing a small propane fired kiln in my head and it’s about time for that to become reality.
I’d also like to get more consistant time in the studio, and make more efficient use of the time I do spend there.
The blog is up to 3346 visitors from 85 countries. This is remarkable considering my intermittant blogging behavior of late. Since I find it difficult to blog when I’m not doing much in the studio, I’m planning on this taking care of itself once I get back to a regular studio schedule.

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