My fascination with clay began as a kid digging in the blue-gray clay on the shore of a small Michigan lake. I loved the feel of the smooth slippery clay. Another time on a vacation trip to Tampa we had stopped in a pouring rainstorm somewhere in Georgia to eat. After the rain let up we went to leave and I ran over to this bright red mud and got stuck! Dad had to pull me out of my shoes to get me out!

I’ve also always been fascinated by fire and flame. It seemed like I was always trying to play with fire. Making something permanent out of clay and fire was a natural progression. I did some simple painting of molded slipware through high school, but the cool color drip “70’s glazes” my mom was using and the kilns continued to fascinate me.

Most recently I’ve been working with gas fired white stoneware.Ā  I also love the uncertainty of saggar firing, raku, and other low fire techniques. The surprises of the materials and the path of fire and fumes in a way reflects the same uncertainty of those 70’s glazes. In the future, I’d like to try my hand at crystalline glazes, and maybe even experiment with some 70’s style lava glazes.

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    I’m not currently teaching classes. In the future, I would like to do workshops and classes.

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