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August poll results

Granted, it’s a very small data sample and very unscientific, but among those that responded to the poll, the majority throw at the wheel standing up and/or elevated in some fashion. In an unrelated conversation, someone told me they knew a potter who kneeled at the wheel.

Standing – 3
Semi standing – 2
Sitting – 1

Which reinforces something that’s been bugging me for a while now.
-Even before I hurt my back this last time, I was putting my wheel up on bricks to raise it even 3″. . .
– Nearly all of the serious potters I know have jerry-rigged their wheel(s) to raise it in some way
– The ones that haven’t either complain of back problems, and/or have a hunch (whether they realize it or not)

So -why- are wheels built so low in the first place?

The wheels I speak of are SO short, they couldn’t possibly be at the right height for any normal human. OK, maybe a 3′ child.

Don’t forget to vote!

There are only 2 days left to vote on the poll in the sidebar.

I am interested in finding out how my fellow wheel-throwers prefer to throw. So far, the standers and semi-standers are in the lead.

So go ahead and vote! And feel free to comment here as well, the Blogger tool doesn’t leave much flexibility for freeform ‘Other’ choices.